Monday, November 12, 2012

Jerusalem World Center project

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"Even though we haven’t yet finished the purchase of the Jerusalem World Center and moved into this wonderful new facility, we are already taking steps to reach out to the poor and needy of Israel. Included in that number is a great host of Holocaust survivors. That’s why loving members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team provided the funds to completely renovate a massive bomb shelter in the Holy City into a beautiful community center for use by these dear people.
Many of the more than 200,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel today have no living relatives—no one to care for them or help them. But together we can reach out to meet their needs and show them the love of God in action. This community center is a beautiful witness of that love…and just the first of many outreaches to come.
It is tragic that so many of these dear people have been told they suffered at the hands of Christians. God has placed a great desire in my spirit to overcome that message with the truth—that Christians love Jewish people and care for them. That’s why when I was asked if we would step forward and help provide for the needs of these Holocaust survivors on an ongoing basis, I told them you would say, “YES!” I know you love God’s Chosen People, and these elderly and poor Holocaust survivors urgently need our help.

Please say YES to this request today. We want to give food, medicine, and other basic necessities of life and meet their needs on an ongoing basis. In addition, with your help, we will cover the operational costs of the community center—things like water, electricity, maintenance, taxes, and more—which will run about 9500 Israeli shekels per month. Your gift of love today for a Holocaust survivor will show them the love of Christians. With your help, we will be God's hands of love to tens of thousands in the days to come.
Jerusalem is Ground Zero for spiritual warfare in our world today. It is the target of the enemy, and it is vital that you and I do our part to not only pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but to speak out in support of Israel's right to her capital city. One of the most important tools for us to fight and win this battle will be the Jerusalem World Center.

This wonderful facility in the Holy City will be a lasting witness of God’s love to the Jewish people and a center of ministry and outreach to them that will truly be life changing. We have made every payment on the building so far—all praise and glory to God—but we must make another payment of $777,777 this month. Will you be part of this great miracle with your generous gift today to make the Jerusalem World Center a reality?" by Mike Evans

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