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"How to open the windows of heaven in your life"

  JERUSALEM WORLD CENTER PROJECT  "How to Open the Windows of Heaven in Your Life" by Mike Evans 
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"This past Sunday was my 43rd wedding anniversary. Carolyn and I started our day with church and then had lunch with our children and grandchildren. It was a wonderful time of reflecting on God’s work in our lives. As I looked back over the years, I was reminded that our acts of obedience bound with prayer have opened the windows of Heaven for us. Let me give you just one example.
Years ago God directed me to go to Mexico and stay at a certain hotel. I was simply to walk and pray for two days. It was an odd assignment, but I obeyed. God said He would open up Africa if I would obey Him. On the second day, a man and woman were walking past me. Suddenly, from my spirit leapt the words, “I will help you with your prayer concerning the African president.” The woman turned to the man beside her in total shock. She later told me that just moments before, she had said to him, “How can we arrange for a national press conference for President Musevani of Uganda? He has just come into office. It is impossible.”

I learned that the man and woman were Maureen Reagan Revell and her husband, Dennis. She was the daughter of President Ronald Reagan. We had never met, but I instantly said, “I will set it up for you.” I had the privilege of leading President Musevani of Uganda to the Lord Jesus Christ. You may have seen the news recently that he publicly went before his nation and repented of his personal sins and the sins of the nation—based on the scripture from II Chronicles 7:14. He asked God’s presence and His help to pray and then to act.

When we do what God says, He does amazing things. There is no doubt in my mind that God has decreed the Jerusalem World Center—and invited us to be part of it. Will you join hands with me today in obedience to His purpose and do what you can to help us make this month’s payment on this wonderful facility?

Thus far 1,985 people have given $206,350. Those gifts will be matched 100% so now we have $412,700. We still need to raise $182,538.50 which will be matched to make $365,077. We have 3 days left. Please pray with me right now for supernatural favor that this need will be met.
When you support the Jerusalem Prayer Team as we stand with and for the Jewish people, you are in agreement with God's heart. You are supporting and blessing “the apple of His eye.” And because of that, you WILL receive His blessing! And your support is so urgently needed right now. I am asking you today to show your support by helping us make the next payment of $777,777.77 on the Jerusalem World Center and respond to the current military crisis.

I am so excited about what God is already doing, as we continue to work to complete the purchase of this wonderful building. I cannot wait to see what He is going to do next! I ask you to join me right now in a prayer of blessing on every loving heart who has responded to help meet this urgent need, and I ask that you prayerfully consider what God would have you do to help us reach this miracle.

A dear friend has stepped forward to match your gift in November. In other words, if you give $77,777.77, it will be doubled to $155,555.54. Or if you give $777.77, it will be doubled to $1,555.54. If you give $77.77, it will be doubled to $155.54. This is a huge answer to prayer! Please know that whatever you can give will also be doubled in Heaven in your Kingdom account.

Jerusalem is Ground Zero for spiritual warfare in our world today. It is the target of the enemy, and it is vital that you and I do our part to not only pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but to speak out in support of Israel's right to her capital city. One of the most important tools for us to fight and win this battle will be the Jerusalem World Center. This wonderful facility in the Holy City will be a lasting witness of God’s love to the Jewish people and a center of ministry and outreach to them that will truly be life changing.

The Christian Zionist Heritage Center will be the first Christian witness of God’s love of its kind to the Jewish people in the nation of Israel. There are over 300 Jewish museums but not one museum where people can go to hear the story of Christian love. The Jerusalem World Center will also be a place where hurting elderly Holocaust survivors and impoverished Jews can go to receive help. It will be the home of the Jerusalem Prayer Team intercessory movement. This is the largest Christian work within walking distance of the Western Wall. Please be part of this miracle today.
When you send your gift of $30 or more, we will send you a copy of my new book The Locket. This story set during the Holocaust tells of a young Jewish girl who finds out that the “boy next door” has grown up to be Adolf Eichmann…and what happens next.  
Read chapter one of the Locket     
Read the back cover of the Locket

If you are able to send a gift of $100 or more, we will send you a limited edition copy of the Jerusalem World Center Study Bible. This is a special resource we have prepared for friends and supporters of this great prayer movement.       
If you are able to give $1,000 or more, we will send you this “mega-pack” of 13 books, including many autographed hardback best-sellers. This set includes The Revolution, GameChanger, and The Protocols, as well as my newest title The Locket, and many more, along with this beautiful Jerusalem Prayer Team Prayer Shawl.
In addition, your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or remember will be added to the Wall of Righteous Gentiles—a lasting legacy and testimony of your love carved into the stone wall of the Jerusalem World Center.
Everyone who enters the building will see your name and give thanks for your generosity and love. God says, “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me” (Isaiah 49:16).        
Today I’m asking you to stand up and be counted—to join the line of heroes down through the centuries who have done their part to deliver the Jewish people from destruction. I am asking you to make a generous, even sacrificial gift to help make the Jerusalem World Center a reality and to help the Jerusalem Prayer Team to do all we can to defend the Jewish state and the Jewish people around the world.

Barukh ha -mevarekh et ammo Yisrael ba-shalom.
Blessed be He who blesses His people with Peace.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans"

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