Saturday, August 31, 2013

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 Jerusalem Prayer Team
update by Mike Evans

"URGENT: We are in urgent need of funds for war protection efforts through the Operations Center at your Jerusalem World Center and the Jerusalem bomb shelter/community center. Will you please send an emergency gift today?

My friend of more than 30 years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has given a stern warning to anyone who attacks Israel—whether Syria, Iran, Egypt or a terrorist group. He promised that Israel will respond swiftly to any such strike against its people. Many times, Mr. Netanyahu has told me how much he appreciates the prayers and support of Christians around the world—and I am asking you to stand with him and with Israel once again today.

Your gift today to help us create a lighthouse of true Christian love is a blessing to Israel and to God's Chosen People at a time when they need it most, and I know that God will bless you according to His promise in Genesis 12:3. There is no question that Israel is facing serious threats and challenges. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is uniquely positioned to help meet the urgent needs of the Jewish People at this crisis moment. Because of our long history of meeting needs in Israel, the people there know we can be trusted and depended upon to respond. I need your help today to meet this crisis need.

When you support the Jerusalem Prayer Team as we stand with and for the Jewish People, you are in agreement with God's heart. You are supporting and blessing “the apple of His eye.” And because of that, you WILL receive His blessing! And your support is so urgently needed right now as the clouds of war loom darker every day.

Today you can fulfill the prophetic Word of God to bring a light to the nation of Israel by helping the Jerusalem Prayer Team build the first Christian museum in the nation of Israel. When tens of thousands of Jewish people go through the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center to hear the story of Christian love for the first time ever, you will be fulfilling prophecy; they will call you “blessed.” Please do your very best today to help us make this wonderful dream come true.

This story can only be told with your help. We must make the next payment today. So far 1,975 friends have given $189,130. That means we still need $60,870. Please join me right now in praying a commanded blessing on every friend who takes part in this effort.
        For your gift of any amount…

We will send you this Prayer Card Pouch.

Designed especially for members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, this is a great way to keep track of both what you are praying for and how God has answered your prayers.

        With your gift of $40 or more…

We will send you the prayer card pouch and this ornate mezuzah.

For centuries Jewish people have placed mezuzahs by the door of their homes in obedience to God's command. This beautiful piece is both a link to a great heritage of faith and a wonderful reminder of your commitment to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

        With your gift of $100 or more…

We will send you the prayer card pouch and this “Comfort Ye My People” afghan.

This beautiful, full-color afghan features the command of God found in Isaiah 40:1 and will be a lovely addition to your home or office.

        With your gift of $250 or more…

We will send you the prayer card pouch and this stunning Torah Scroll.

In addition, your name or the name of someone you wish to honor will be placed on a special Scroll of Honor in the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center.

Perhaps you would be able to do even more.
    With your gift of $1000 or more…

We will send you the prayer card pouch and this large silver-trimmed Yemenite shofar.

I have one of these in my office, and it is amazing. We will also place your name or the name of someone special you wish to honor or remember in the Hall of Righteous Gentiles in the Jerusalem World Center.

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team today allows us to continue our work on the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center, to stand up and speak out for Israel, and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor Jewish people living in Israel. Thank you so much for being part of this vital worldwide prayer movement.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans"

    See this latest narrative tour of the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center from the development team Disk-In Pro
    Now you can see the Kotel and prayer wall Live 24/7!
To give by phone, please call: 1-888-390-7946
Reach us via Fax: 281-257-2476
Write us, or give by mail: P.O. Box 30246 Phoenix, AZ 85046

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