Thursday, August 22, 2013

Christian ministry in Jerusalem- update

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 Jerusalem Prayer Team
update by Mike Evans

"Yesterday, I had breakfast with my prayer partner for the past thirty-three years, former Secretary of the Interior James Watt. He held this position during the Reagan administration. In this office, Jim was asked to swear in new members of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council at the Holocaust Living Memorial in Washington, D.C. One of those present at the time was Dr. Elie Wiesel. I want to share with you some of what Jim said:

“The story of the Holocaust is frightening. The story does not start with the criminal torture of you and the destruction of the Jewish people. It came first with an attack on the moral and spiritual values of life. The German people were conditioned to hate and be intolerant to the Jewish people before the methodic killing and destruction of human life. Good people lived in the towns nearby, but they did not get involved to stop Auschwitz. They did not concern themselves with Dachau nor any other place of human destruction. The apathy and non-involvement of the good people, the Church people in Nazi government activities in the 1930s, made it easy not to smell the burning stench of human flesh in the 1940s.

“Ignoring discrimination in the 30s allowed the good people, the Church people to be closed to the realities of torture, murder, and abuse in the 40s. The surprise of the Hitler era was not that one man could be so evil, but that so many good people could do nothing. How could the German Church live with all the evidence that would point to the massacre of six million Jews? How could good people live in the towns nearby, smelling the stench, and not do something about it? How could they see the thousands of people hauled by train or marching through their towns never to return, and not do something about it? How could they live next door to people who worked in those institutions of death without doing something about it? How could they worship in their churches within eye-view of the concentrations camps and not do something about it?

“The Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Memorial Holocaust Center in Los Angeles has on one of its walls a picture of one survivor of a German death camp, pointing with shame to pictures of the world’s political and religious leaders of the 1930s and 40s. Below the picture of the survivor are the words which have been seared in my mind forever, ‘Here is to the world that did not care; those who had ears but did not hear; those who had eyes, but did not see; those who had mouths but would not speak.’”

These are the words of Secretary Watt, my beloved prayer partner. He understands the importance of what we are doing at the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center in Jerusalem. We are telling the narratives of real Christians who did something while risking their very lives—as did the ten Boom family. Unfortunately, many of the Jewish people have never heard these stories. Through the grace of God and your generosity, they will.

Today you and I have been chosen by God to stand in defense of Israel. The Jewish people are under attack and facing threats on every side. They need to know that they are not alone—that their Christian friends around the world are standing with them. That is why we are working so hard on the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center.

We have been given a one-week extension to raise the remaining half of the funds for the fourth floor and make the second payment of $411,500. It is critical that we keep on schedule; the grand opening is scheduled for September 2014, and the nation of Israel is already talking about this unprecedented witness of Christian love. Your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar.
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Few stories in Scripture demonstrate faith in action better than the woman who believed she would be healed if she could just touch the hem of Jesus' robe. You will enjoy displaying this piece in your home or office.

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We will send the print and bookmark and a copy of the Jerusalem World Center Study Bible.

Prepared especially for members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, this beautifully bound King James Version features special study helps and notes that I know you will use again and again, including a concordance, center-column reference, Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament, Miracles and Parables of our Lord, and much more.

Remember that your gift today will be doubled by the matching gift offer to do twice as much to help us reach this urgent goal.
Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team today allows us to continue our work on the Righteous Gentile Heritage Center, to stand up and speak out for Israel, and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor Jewish people living in Israel. Thank you so much for being part of this vital worldwide prayer movement.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans"

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