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"Wars and rumors of wars " Israel

 Update about  Israel by Mike Evans
Jerusalem Prayer Team
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“My job was to simply follow His leading one step at a time, holding every decision up to Him in prayer.” – Corrie ten Boom
Jesus said that in the end times, we would hear of wars and rumors of wars. That sounds exactly like the headlines we are reading today. Just look at the last few days:
    Israeli jets have struck military targets deep inside Syria as the civil war there threatens to overthrow the government of Bashir Assad—and brings great uncertainty about the fate of his chemical and biological weapons.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has declared that his nation is already a nuclear power.

Egyptian leaders are threatening to “amend” the terms of their peace treaty with Israel.

The Iranians continue to funnel thousands of missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah for use against Israel and the Jewish people.
All of these events and more highlight the vital and urgent need for prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. As we continue to pray faithfully and fervently for the safety and protection of Israel and the Jewish people, we must do so in faith. It is wonderful to know that no matter how difficult circumstances may be today—politically, socially, physically, emotionally, economically—our God reigns. Our future is bright. I've never been more aware of that than today.

I am praying that God will give us 800 Jerusalem Prayer Team members by today to stand with us in honor of the 800 Jewish people the that ten Booms saved from the Holocaust. Your generous gift today will take the story of Corrie ten Boom and her family—and the stories of hundreds of other loving Christians who helped and supported Israel and the Jewish people—to Jerusalem and the nation of Israel through the Christian Zionist Heritage Center.

However, we now must make the first payment to Disk-in Pro on their work as required by the contract. We have received the invoice for $450,000. I am writing today to ask you to be one of those 800 with your gift to help us make the payment so that the work on the Christian Zionist Heritage Center can continue. So far 755 loving hearts have responded to this need by giving $61,290.
Watch Dr. Evans and Glenn Beck Tell The Story of Corrie Ten Boom

When you send your gift of $30 or more, we will send you Corrie ten Boom’s book The Hiding Place.
This is the riveting account of how Corrie ten Boom and her family were able to save many of God's chosen people during WW II. For 35 years, millions have seen that there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still. Now, The Hiding Place, repackaged for a new generation of readers, continues to declare that God’s love will overcome, heal, and restore.       
If you are able to send a gift of $100 or more, we will send you this lovely commemorative clock.
Because the ten Booms were watchmakers, even using clock advertisements in their window to send secret messages, this is a great way for you to remember, celebrate, and continue their work. Perfect for your home or office, everyone who sees this beautiful piece will know your love and commitment to God’s Chosen People.       
We are excited about what will be accomplished through the Christian Zionist Heritage Center, but in order for it become a reality, we must quickly raise the funds so that the programming and design work can be done, and we can begin telling these wonderful stories. Please be as generous as you can when you send your gift today.

Your gift of support for the Jerusalem Prayer Team as we stand with and for Israel and the Jewish people is your personal act of love and kindness to bless God’s Chosen People. Your gift today makes it possible for this great worldwide prayer movement to continue at this crucial and prophetic moment in history.

Modeh ani l’faneykha, melekh chai vekayam; rabbah emunatekha.
I thank you, living and eternal King; great is your faithfulness.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans

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