Saturday, January 26, 2013

The little Jewish girl asked, “Does God live in that house?”

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"Five years ago I had the privilege of speaking at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial when Casper and Betsie ten Boom were added to the Righteous among the Nations in recognition of their heroism and sacrifice in helping to save more than 800 Jews from the Holocaust. After the ceremony an elderly Jewish woman came up and spoke to me.
“They saved my life!” she said. “I was a little girl, and my mother took me to the ten Boom’s clock shop looking to hide us from the Nazis. She knocked on the door and an old man [Casper ten Boom] answered the door. My mother asked if he could help us. He said, ‘I must ask God’ and went back inside. I asked my mother, ‘Does God live in that house?’ She said, ‘I don’t know.’ In a few moments he came back and opened the door and took us inside. ‘God said Yes,’ he told us.” That precious true story was repeated time after time as the ten Boom family did their part to rescue as many Jewish people as they could from certain death.

When I prayed with Mother Teresa in Rome before she died, she said, “Lord, if we love you, we must love the Jewish people. Love is not something we say, it is something we do.” I have never forgotten those words. This Sunday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day set aside to remember the six million Jewish people, over one million of them children—who perished during the Holocaust.

We are working to show this love in practical ways through our humanitarian outreaches to the poor of Israel. We are also working to share the true stories of Christian love from the past with the Jewish people for generations to come—stories like the amazing courage and sacrifice of the ten Boom family in Holland.

Since 1988 when I purchased and restored the ten Boom home with the help of our Jerusalem Prayer Team members, the doors have been open at no cost. Every dollar raised goes directly to that work. I am the Chairman of the Board, and I pay all of my own expenses—flights, meals and hotels—because this message must be told. It is the purest work we can do. And though we continue to tell this story in Holland, we must tell it in Israel as well. Your gift today will help us reach out and minister to the Jewish people and tell them and show them true Christian love.
When you send your gift of $30 or more today, we will send you a paperback copy of my newest novel, The Locket.
Set during the Holocaust, it is a gripping story of love, courage and loss. This book follows the life of a young Jewish girl who finds out that the “boy next door,” Adolf Eichmann, has grown up to be the architect of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” It will challenge and stir your heart…and it also makes a great gift for a friend or loved one. If you are able to send $80 or more, we will send you an autographed, hardback copy of The Locket.       
And if you are able to send $100 or more, we will send you The Locket paperback copy and this beautiful color “Comfort Ye My People” afghan.
It is a lovely piece that will both decorate your home or office, as well as share your love for the Jewish people with all who see it.    
Please be as generous as you can when you send your gift today. Your gift of support for the Jerusalem Prayer Team as we stand with and for Israel and the Jewish people is your personal declaration of “never again!” As we remember those who perished in the past, we must do everything in our power to ensure that this great tragedy is never repeated. Your gift makes it possible for this great worldwide prayer movement to continue at this crucial and prophetic moment in history.

Modeh ani l’faneykha, melekh chai vekayam; rabbah emunatekha.
I thank you living and eternal King; great is your faithfulness.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans"

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